The percentages below are proposed, yet not final. We will release an updated version with all the official values for the mainnet as soon as we announce our official launch of the platform.

Trading fees

The transaction fee for all orders executed within Mobius Finance is 0.3% (zero-point-three percent).

Collateral liquidation settlements

If a user’s collateral requirements drop below the allowed minimum collateralization ratio established, their collateral will be auctioned by a ten percent (10%) discount, four percent (4%) of this will be allocated for the reserve auction pool. The reserve auction pool will be based on peer-to-peer liquidations, it will function as the constant position to process settlement and collateral auctions to ensure the stability of the system and avoid any clawback on users’ profits.


Penalty fee

Auction Discount

Auction Reserve Pool

















Distribution of proceeds

Mobius Finance revenue from all sources will be utilized as follows:

(a) Transaction fees distribution

Ten percent (10%) of the zero-point-three percent (0.3%) of the transaction fees is reserved for the project’s founding team. This amount is reserved for continuous research and development, as well as future integration and to keep operations efficient.

Forty percent (40%) is distributed to market creators. The specific rules will be announced after the protocol is launched. Thirty percent (30%) of the transaction fees will be utilized for developing future integrations. Twenty percent (20%) is allocated for new protocol features.

The specific rules in what it means to be a creator or market creator will be announced after the protocol is launched.

Details regarding the distribution of the community incentive

The extent of new assets is determined by the utilization ratio and a low global debt for the net position. To achieve this, the community incentive is set forth as follows.

(a) Staking Rewards

Forty percent (40%) of the community incentive is used to reward users staking either to mint moUSD or short any moAsset. Each collateral type will have a base reward amount and a multiplier variable will be set based on market platforms' needs; set values are all up to modification.

(b) moUSD liquidity mining

Ten percent (10%) of the community incentives will be allocated for rewarding users providing liquidity to selected moUSD liquidity pools, initially moUSD/USDC.

(c) Asset liquidity mining

Forty percent (40%) of the community incentives will be allocated to trading rewards. Trading rewards will be allocated to selected trading pairs and are up to modification based on governance.

(d) Market creators

Creators are rewarded 10% of the community incentive. All individual or institutional traders that created a new trading category in the prior month are entitled to the revenue reward by percentage in total assets. The reward is updated every month; traders can only collect the one-month reward for each category.

5. Token release schedule

The initial release schedule will be 100 $MOT tokens per block. Issuance will be decreased by 20% every 100,000 blocks (approximately every 17.36 days). The release will come to its end when $MOT does not suffice for distribution.

The internal cycle of the economy in Mobius Finance

(a). Architecture of economy

(b) Ecosystem

The MOT total issuance will not exceed more than 100 million