📌How to get Testnet Tokens?

In order to use the Möbius Finance platform on the testnet, users need to get MATIC tokens to interact with the network. Users also require collateral in order to generate moUSD.

To see your tokens on Metamask, users need to add the token contracts manually. You can find the contract address here.

Polygon Faucet (MATIC)

In order to test the Möbius Finance Beta, users are required to have MATIC(testnet) to cover gas fees used for transactions and to interact with smart contracts. The MATIC faucet provides free MATIC tokens for their Mumbai Testnet. Go to https://faucet.polygon.technology/ and follow the simple steps to get some MATIC tokens.

Möbius Test tokens

Möbius Faucet

In order to test the platform, users can get test tokens through the Mobius Finance Faucet. To get test tokens, go to the Utilities page and click on the "Claim test tokens button". This will grant users 200 MOT, 1000 MDAI (Test DAI), and 0.25 METH (Test ETH).

Each address can only claim test tokens once to ensure the accessibility of test tokens to all users.

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