📉Open a short position

By opening a short position, users are staking their collateral to mint the selected moASSET and short sell it in a single transaction. This is all done automatically thanks to our smart contracts. Users receive the moUSD equivalent to their short position. In order to close a short position, users need to pay back the same amount of the moASSET they used for short selling.

In contrast to "reverse assets“ used by other protocols, users who open a short position on Möbius Finance are buying the asset and short-selling it rather than trading an inverse synthetic (inverse price feed).

Follow the steps below to open a short position:

  1. Go to the "Shorting" page.

2. Select the moAsset you would like to short-sell. After selecting, you'll see the price graph updated as well as stats below.

3. After selecting the moAsset to short-sell, enter the amount of collateral and set your desired collateral ratio with the "range slider" or by entering the collateral ratio directly.

4. After filling in all the above, verify your information on the table on the right and click on "Short Asset". You will need to confirm the transaction on the pop-up window on the website and on your Metamask.

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