Staking moUSD-am3CRV LP

moUSD-am3CRV LP contract address:


You can add liquidity to the moUSD+am3CRV pool on and stake the LP token on our platform to earn MOT rewards.

You need to add moUSD and moUSD3CRV-f token in your wallet, instructions

To do that, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the moUSD+am3CRV pool deposit page:

Link :

2.Input the amount of tokens(moUSD/USDT/USDC/DAI) you want to deposit:

3.Click deposit, approve moUSD spending and confirm the transaction in your wallet:

4.If the transaction is successful then you will receive the moUSD3CRV-f LP token.

5. Go to our LP staking page, find the moUSD-am3crv LP staking and click the detail page


Here you can check the reward you can claim and the LP amount you have staked. Click the Approve and Stake button.

6. Choose the amount of XXX you want to stake.

7. Click the stake button and confirm your transaction in your wallet! Then wait to get your rewards!

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