📈Trade (spot orders)

Möbius Finance allows users to have a seemly trading experience thanks to the low fees and high transaction speed of Polygon. Quote-driven markets use oracle prices (powered by Chainlink) which allow the protocol to offer zero slippage and unlimited liquidity.

Follow the steps below to get started:

1. Go to the Möbius Finance "Trade" page.

2. Select the token you'd like to trade in the dropdown menu, and the moASSET you'd like to trade it for.

3. After clicking on "SWAP", preview the transaction in a pop-up window and then confirm the request directly on your Metamask Wallet.

4. Next, once the transaction is confirmed, you will receive your tokens in your wallet. Below, you can find all your trade done with the connected account. Users can check their balances on the explorer as well as on the “Wallet" page.

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