The Wallet page summarizes most of the key information between the Mobius Finance contracts and the users' web3 connected wallet. Users can check their moAsset balances, active staking positions, and short position summaries, as well as their transaction history.

1. Connect your Metamask wallet and click on the "wallet" button on the left side menu. In the upper part, you'll find an overview of your account. By clicking on the tabs below, users can find some more detailed information as well as short-cuts to useful features.

Tip: Make sure you are connected to the correct network and chain.

2. The "moAssets Balances" tab displays the account moAsset holdings amount and current value. There is also a shortcut to trade the asset on Mobius Finance.

3. The "Staking" tab shows all staking positions and their information, including the amount, outstanding debt, collateralization ratio, and available staking rewards. There are two main shortcuts: the manage button, which will take you to the debt management page; and the claim rewards button, which allows you to claim directly from the wallet page.

4. The "Short Positions" tab shows the accounts of the opened short positions. This tab allows users to manage the short position directly from this page, by adjusting your position and collateral ratio; or closing the position directly.

5. The "Transaction History" tab shows all the historical interactions between the connected account and the Mobius Finance platform. Users can filter on the "Type" column to look for specific interactions type such as minting, trading, shorting, etc.

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